Aaaaah, sorry I’ve been lax on the adoptable kittehs since adopt a dog month ended.  Bad Wren!

Today’s adoptable kitteh is: Solo!

Check out his cute goatee! ^_^

Perfect for the steampunk cat man?

Yes, he’s really a puppy at seven months old – this week’s adoptable dog is: Alvin!

And he’s SO CUTE! ^_^

Today’s adoptable dog of the week is: Boomer!

It’s adopt a shelter dog month, so for the next few weeks I’ll be showcasing adoptable goggies that need homes!

I love goggies too and wish I could adopt one right now, but I already have three cats in a one bedroom apartment that aren’t quite friends yet… even if I was allowed to have a fourth pet (I had to get special permission for number three, so I’m thinking my chances are low), that might make the kittehs quite perturbed with me.  ^_^  So I’ve decided to get myself to the shelter and volunteer to help take care of the goggies and kittehs there that need furever homes.  They’ll get some attention, and I’ll get my goggie (and moar kittehs) fix!

This week’s adoptable goggie is: Elliott!

He’s so cute!  Look at that smile! 🙂