Tabby Tuesday


And now it’s time for some cute Deidre photos:

I am so tiny and cute!

I am so tiny and cute!



Meanwhile, little brother was on the other side of the door, wanting to play:

Come on!  Let me in!  I won't pounce!

Come on! Let me in! I won’t pounce!



Maggie Monday


Maggie loves to hang out on top of the toilet lid.  I’m not sure why, but that is one of her favorite spots.  Maybe that shaggy cover is really comfy…

I will not look at the camera.

I will not look at the camera.

Nope, not looking!

Nope, not looking!

You're not going to stop taking my picture until I look at the camera, are you?

You’re not going to stop taking my picture until I look at the camera, are you?

PS – Maggie has lost .4 pounds!  Woohoo!  The new noms strategy is working! ^.^



It’s the little things that make me happy in the Quest For Kitteh Peace, and one of those things is Maggie and Yuan SNIFFING NOSES!

You may think that’s not a big deal, cats sniff noses all the time… but when they’re at war, they don’t!

Back when it was just the girls and I, one of the first signs of peace and tolerance for each other (which, incidentally, ALSO took about two years to develop) was that Deidre and Maggie would surreptitiously sniff each other.  Usually that meant one of them was cuddling with me in the papasan with their tail hanging over the side, and the other would come up and sniff the tail, with the cuddler unawares.  Or perhaps I was feeding them in the kitchen, and one would be so fixated on me with the food that they didn’t notice the other come up from behind and sniff their… behind.

Now Yuan and Maggie have been doing the while-they’re-not-looking sniffs, which made me happy in and of itself, but the other day they actually both turned the corner at the same time and sniffed *noses*.  No growls, no hisses.  Just sweet sniffs!

I am a happy human.

Yeah, my sister's alright.

Yeah, my sister’s alright.

And yes – I’ve had Yuan for a little over two years now.  Apparently that is the magic timeframe.

On a little side note, I finally got the water fountain working that had been out of commission for WAY too long (I lost two different parts at two different times when I had taken it apart for washing, and only found them months later, because yes, I think the dryer sock monster sometimes vacations in my kitchen), and Yuan is MYSTIFIED by it.  The girls seem to be like, “Oh yeah, the fountain,” but for the first day Yuan was just staring at it, as though he was debating whether he should drink from it or pounce it (he eventually did drink from it, and yes, I still have other water bowls about).  Simple kitty amusements.

And finally, the other kitteh news is: Maggie is frisky!!!  And playing with TOYS!  It’s a miracle!!!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before that Maggie, historically, generally found toys to be evil.  She would growl and hiss at them, and seemed to be stressed out by their presence rather than amused.  As she is the fluffiest of the three (though Yuan The Food Bully is doing his darndest to catch up despite all of them being on a diet), I could never figure out how to get her to play so she’d get some exercise and have fun!  Then she got some awesome wine cork toys for Christmas from a neighbor friend, and she’d actually chase and play with them in small doses.  Previously, the closest we got to play was her rolling around in catnip or licking catnip toys enthusiastically – but she never chased them.  These ones she chased!

Then the other day, I couldn’t find the wine corks, so I tossed a feather-ball toy that we’ve had for years and… she actually chased it and attacked it!  We’ve had a few play sessions since then, and she’s actually having fun!

*sings the hallelujah chorus*


You may adore me now

You may adore me now

I have a Deidre curled up leaning on me right now, so I’m going to go and snuggle a kitteh.  The peace treaties are working!  Yay!  🙂

Now Deidre has been claiming her royal right to the timeshare throne:

Lounging in the sun

Lounging in the sun

Oh, are you taking my picture again?

Oh, are you taking my picture again?

Alright, I'll look beautiful for you.

Alright, I’ll look beautiful for you.

How many more of these are you going to take?

How many more of these are you going to take?

…a few more.  Then I left her alone.

…which had absolutely nothing to do with my camera batteries dying.  Nope.  Not at all.

The Kitteh Throne


Those of you who have cats and papasans (bowl chairs) may know that they are the Kitteh Throne Of Choice.  All three of mine have at one time or another claimed the papasan as their territory, and currently it’s Miss Maggie Magnificat.

Princess Maggie in her royal throne

She’s so beautiful ❤

I love that face!

So if you’re looking for a comfy piece of furniture that the kittehs will enjoy just as much (if not moreso) than you do, get yourself a papasan!  Plus, they’re good for snuggling together in.  You know you love a cat curled up in your lap.  Don’t deny it. 😉



I just had to share how cute Yuan is when I put on the CatTV video.  He’s like a little kid watching Saturday morning cartoons, sitting right in front of the TV, staring intently at the screen:

Thankful Thursday


I am grateful this storage bin is right in front of this fan.


Because it’s hoooooooooot.

I’m thankful for linoleum.










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Man Cat Monday


Yuan enjoying the balcony garden

Every garden needs a kitteh!

Zen cat is zen

All your box


All your box are belong to us!