I just needed a photo with a URL so I am uploading this image of Yuan and I. He and Maggie are well. 🙂


Hello, interwebs! Long time no blogging!

Ye Olde Technology Curse kicked me in the pants hardcore, and TBH I didn’t have the technical ability to post anymore! But if this posts, I can blog with my Kindle, huzzah!

So… a lot has happened since I posted last. Let’s start with the hardest part.

Deidre crossed the rainbow bridge in October. She was 15 years old. She was my best friend, and I still cry sometimes when I miss her. She was acting totally normal until the week she passed. At first I thought it was another UTI like she had the year before, but it turned out her kidneys were failing, and her liver too at the end. We tried two days of IVs, but she wasn’t getting any better, wasn’t eating, and was in a lot of pain. I was with her as she passed (our vet hospital has a nice place with couches so you can hold them and feel more comforted). I scattered her ashes in my sacred place in the mountains. Deids is now with me in spirit.


Maggie and Yuan are doing well. They have their ups and downs in the getting along department: on the one hand, Maggie has been Adventure Tortie and going places in the apartment she never went before, like the bathroom counter (really. 6 1/2 years, she never went on that counter until this week!). She has also asserted her right to Sleep With Her Human, whether little brother likes it or not. So now I often wake up with two kitties in bed, which makes me happy.


She has also taken to belleh petting!!!


Which makes me squee. Yuan likes to SHOW OFF his belleh, but don’t pet it… it’s a trap!


^ a trap.

Yuan still has his bullypants moments, but there are things that help. He originally ratcheted down for a while after Deidre passed, as he was now The Undisputed Alpha. But then… I think he wasn’t keen on Maggie joining us in bed. Bed is very important territory. So he started picking on Maggie, and… surprise! Poop and pee in weird places!

The carpet in this apartment needs to be buried in that nuclear waste mountain at this point, I think.

BUT… when I play with Yuan enough that he gets to panting at least once but preferably a few times a day, he picks on Maggie less. So really, it seems to be more of an issue of distracting him and redirecting his energy. You know, to the REAL enemies. Like the business end of wand toys.

(Enter quasi technology curse here; video wasn’t letting me upload the post!)

He’s a very smart kitteh. He knows which end is running that show.

The kitteh superhighway has expanded, and all it needs now is a suspension bridge (yes, a suspension bridge). But even with the bridge missing, it still helps keep peace as only Yuan goes up to the high points, and when he’s up there, Maggie feels free to be a Beach Cat in the middle of the floor without being accosted my Mr. Pouncypants. I think when I finally have some money to make that last link, it will be even better, because then Yuan can on- and offramp on either end, bypassing Maggie if she is on the floor-to-ceiling cat tree (which she often is).


^ still a trap.

We have had moments of peaceful tolerance! I have photographic evidence!


…even the vacuum didn’t deter them!

And in the fluffy kittehs department, they finally settled on ONE food for wet and one for dry (after searching for a long time, trying to go raw, trying to minimize upset tummehs and hairballs), and they have both lost weight (I don’t know exactly how much as I haven’t weighed them in a while, but it’s visible AND I can tell when I lift them). They are NOT on a raw diet (the vet actually told me not to bother with that), they are not getting bored of it and turning up their noses at it (like they did with soooo many foods), Yuan is not having hairballs left and right (Maggie never did), and human and kittehs are happy!


So that’s about it for now! If you are still following this blog, welcome back! If this works I shouldn’t be so derelict about posting in future. 🙂 Yay Kindle!


This is some video I got of a squirrel that decided to pay our window a visit one day.  Too cute!

Yes, he’s really a puppy at seven months old – this week’s adoptable dog is: Alvin!

And he’s SO CUTE! ^_^

It’s adopt a shelter dog month, so for the next few weeks I’ll be showcasing adoptable goggies that need homes!

I love goggies too and wish I could adopt one right now, but I already have three cats in a one bedroom apartment that aren’t quite friends yet… even if I was allowed to have a fourth pet (I had to get special permission for number three, so I’m thinking my chances are low), that might make the kittehs quite perturbed with me.  ^_^  So I’ve decided to get myself to the shelter and volunteer to help take care of the goggies and kittehs there that need furever homes.  They’ll get some attention, and I’ll get my goggie (and moar kittehs) fix!

This week’s adoptable goggie is: Elliott!

He’s so cute!  Look at that smile! 🙂

Today’s adoptable cat of the week from Maxfund is:




The kittehs have been making so much progress over the past month or so.  Deidre and Maggie can share the bed without growls and hisses, they have been surreptitiously sniffing each other’s tails, Yuan can now be near them (sometimes) without a whole lot of stress and growling, all three of them can share dishes without a fight, there have been no litter box accidents, and, most impressively and within just the past week, Maggie has been going to parts of the apartment she hasn’t been for as long as Yuan has been here.  We’re talking the kitchen and dining area, which have been Yuan Territory (and still are) from day one.  Even Deidre doesn’t hang out in the kitchen/dining area anymore because of Yuan.  Maggie has been!  Proud kitty mama!! 😀

Hm, I’m trying to insert a video I took at the beginning of this month when Deidre and Maggie first started sharing a bed again, and WP doesn’t seem to be letting me insert it.  I guess I will try again later on that one!

Yay!  It worked!

Today’s adoptable cat of the week is:


So handsome!

I thought I would try to post an “adoptable cat of the week” for local kittehs looking for their furever homes.  Looking for a new friend?

Today’s Adoptable Cat:

Blackie Boy!


I had some friends in town that just left in the wee hours of this morning.  When strangers (read: most anyone that isn’t me) are around, the scenario with the kittehs usually pans out something like this:

Deidre embraces her inner ninja and/or Star Trek engineer and disappears into a kitteh vortex of hiding.

Maggie stays in whatever her current comfort zone is and growls/hisses/low fives if they come too close.

Yuan wants to be pet and/or to play and goes up to them and says hi.

Well, one of the friends was sleeping at my place, so I was hoping that as she was here longer, the two shy ones would come around.  As expected, Deidre did – she just takes time.  Even the other three friends that weren’t sleeping at my place got to pet her after a few days of being at my place with some frequency without her turning ninja on them, and she quite enjoyed the loves.  Maggie got a little less stressed by their presences, but still didn’t want to be pet by her admirers from afar (we tried and she made Not Happy Maggie Sounds and gave lots of low fives).  She did come to accept the patient friend just sitting next to her though, as long as said patient friend didn’t stare at her too much or try to pet her.  I knew that was the way… just let her get used to you being around without pushing yourself on her, and she’ll sloooooowly accept you.  We both agreed with a little more time she would have likely accepted M-chan (the patient friend) petting her as she had a couple years back when she was the one sleeping at my apartment (this year it was J-chan sleeping here).  She did start to get closer to J-chan without turning into the growl monster but hadn’t migrated close enough to actually snuggle with her before my friends left town.  Small steps.

Yuan, however, completely embraced J-chan as a new member of his tribe and LOVED her.  He snuggled with her in bed, nomed her with love (he gives love nips – especially on hair, and most painfully on the tip of your nose (sometimes his teeth go INSIDE your nostril!) – when he’s being super affectionate), and otherwise marked her as family.  I think J-chan is going to miss him the most out of all her friends in Colorado!  Within the hour of her leaving, he was lying on the air mattress, wondering where his snuggle buddy was, looking so sad.  Since Maggie and Deidre were on my bed and as of yet the girls will sleep together tolerably well but they won’t share my bed with their brother longer than a few moments, I curled up with Yuan on the air mattress for the night day (my friends left at about 3:45 AM and so I went to bed after four).  This morning afternoon when I woke up, Yuan followed me around even closer than normal and just didn’t want to be left alone.  Awwww!

J-chan, where art thou?

J-chan, you just have to move here. Yuan says so.