Nyan Cat and Maggie’s Boyfriend


Yep, my crazy human self tried to make the kittehs (but especially Yuan – since he’s the one that looks the most like Nyan Cat) a costume for Samhain (Halloween).  A few action shots, since Yuan was either attacking the costume or the camera strap… lol.


The closest I got to a picture of him properly in costume

“Why does she keep trying to put this thing on me?”



“Alright, I’m cute, would you stop accosting me with felt now?”

If I get any good shots of the girls in costume, I will post them later. 🙂

Now to explain Maggie’s boyfriend, mentioned in the last post.  There was an outdoor kitty (not mine), who took to peeing on the outside of my front door.  I live in an apartment building, but everyone’s door faces outside to an inner courtyard; while it’s possible he was from elsewhere and managed to get in and out of our (locked) building (squirrels do, and a neighbor adopted a stray that had done it before), I figured he was an indoor/outdoor cat that lived in the building, though I never caught him in the act to see who it was.  And yes, I was guessing male as it seemed like more of a male cat thing to do to have a bigger territory and get so close to other cats’ territory (whom he could see in the window and smell under the door).  Anyway, I would come home or go outside to find puddles on my doormat.  So Miss Maggie took to spraying the front door (really, truly, spraying up the side of the door, which she hadn’t done before this) in response, as if to say, “This is OUR house, buster!  You smell MY pee!”  This went on for some time – I’d clean the outside AND the inside pee spots, only to have it resurface in a day or so.  Finally I got wise and started spraying the outside stoop all over with feliway spray – and eventually her boyfriend stopped peeing out there.  Only then (and with strategic rearranging of litter boxes), did I get Maggie to finally stop peeing inside the door.  Oh yes, and putting the Big Scary Noisy Machines (read: the vacuum and the carpet shampooer) in front of the door for a few nights to deter visits.

I asked Maggie if outdoor kitty was her boyfriend (she said yes), so I called their messages-in-pee to each other “love notes”.

So that’s the story of Maggie’s boyfriend.

Before I found the solution via feliway spray, I was half tempted to take one of the soiled puppy pee-pee pads and stick it under my doormat.  It would smell (but it smelled there anyway thanks to the puddles), but I thought it might deter him.  Of course, I was also afraid that it might make him mark MORE, so I’m glad the feliway worked instead.  Ah, the joys of territory marking…

Are your animal friends dressing up for Halloween?  Let me know as what in the comments! 🙂


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