Man Cat Monday


It’s (almost) summertime, and the living’s easy…

Quickie update:
The kitties are doing well.  Maggie is officially on the canned diet permanently (with kibbles only occasionally, like when I know I’m going to be gone for several hours, I’ll give her a little before I leave).  When I tried giving her a normal “daily dose” a couple of times, she immediately had the runs in the litter box.  Poor thing.  But she’s happy about the canned food!  Deidre requires more perches to climb on (as I am *finally* – yes, it took this long, only doing it in patches – almost done with the carpet shampooing project, I’m hoping to get that taken care of soon once everything is in its permanent place).  Yuan is still my Master Headbonker and Garden Cat.  And Maggie has TAKEN TO HANGING OUT IN HER CARRIER AS HER BED.

I repeat: Maggie, who has always seemed claustrophobic, has taken to hanging out in the carrier (which I leave with a mat in it and the door open) when she’s napping, relaxing, or needs a place to hide from, say, visitors or the vacuum.  Maggie.  Who acted as though the carrier was the portal to hell.  Now hangs out in there of her own volition!  And to make it even more wow-ified: it’s in the bedroom, which has been strict Yuan-only territory for months.  She shares the bedroom with him now.

A.  Maz.  Ing!

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