Shifts and Changes


Just a quick post – so sorry that hasn’t been very frequent as of late – to say WOW my kitties amaze me. 🙂

Both Maggie and Deidre, in addition to Yuan, have started to enjoy balcony time.  I caught Deidre’s first foray onto the balcony on video, even… I was vlogging every day in April (that’s a thing – VEDA – vlog every day in April) and so had my iPod (yep, that’s what I was vlogging with!) on hand when she ventured forth.  We’ve lived in this apartment for 4 1/2 YEARS and this was the first time she’s ever been out on the balcony.  Now she very much likes it.  Here’s the video, if you’re interested:

Yuan had his 4th birthday, when he told me that he’d like a special planter box as part of my balcony garden of good kitty plants to play in.  He kept trying to lie down in the still-dirt pots, when it finally got through that he needed a little piece of nature to be free in.  So, I designated a big pot just for kitties that I will plant (now I should be able to actually plant it, since we’re past Mother’s Day, which is the usual Colorado last frost date for gardeners) with cat grass, catnip, and marigolds (which I found out are safe for kitties).  He has already taken to lying in the dirt in it and it’s his new favorite bed.  I got that on video during the vlogs, too:

Also, the kitties have been dancing (and sleeping, and eating) ever closer to each other without fights.  Not only have there been less potty accidents (they were getting pretty prevalent for a while, there), but, for instance, Maggie has joined Deidre on the bed, Yuan has joined Deidre on the bed, and Deidre has joined Yuan on the bed (that’s the real amazement – that she made the move to join him!), whether I’m on the bed or not.  I’ve also caught two of them at a time under the bed (normally I store a bunch of stuff under my bed, but since I’ve been cleaning the carpet in sections and moving furniture around, it’s been empty under there – so no walls between them of stuff), and one on top of a chair and one underneath it.  They’ve shifted territories more times than I can count just in the past couple of months, with both of the girls expanding their territory once again and Yuan taking it very much in stride.  They’ve even switched litter boxes!  Deidre has reclaimed her cubby on the floor-to-ceiling scratcher too – yay!  I also caught Yuan and Deidre giving each other blink-kisses a while back – amazing!  I’m still expecting Maggie to chase him around at any moment… she has already reached the “I don’t take his crap” stage… just waiting for the playful chasing stage…

Maggie had a little scare that prompted a vet visit at the beginning of April, but she’s OK and was proscribed a canned-only diet for a while (and possibly doing it permanently).  She seems to be doing really well on it, and has more energy.  This, of course, makes the other two ask constantly why Maggie gets canned noms more often than they do…

Yuan, always the purveyor of fine headbonks, seems to be really communicating with me more when he does it now.  Our sessions seem to be fewer in frequency but greater in love-sharing.  His purr just melts my heart.  To fully appreciate his art of headbonking, I have been trained to take off my glasses and get into it.  Sometimes we’ll just bonk heads and stay there for a while, and I feel like our hearts are touching.  He’s my sweet teacher-man.

And finally, Yuan really appreciates the new furniture arrangement so far.  I’ve got a stool and the brown scratcher beneath the shelves on the wall now, and he loves the new jungle-gym-esque multi-level action going on.  Also, I’ve got the green scratcher in a corner with two Ruth Thompson prints above it on either side, of The Druid and The Priestess.  He LOVES those prints.  He talks to them and rubs his paws (no claws) on them all the time.  He’s a high priest, that Yuan.

Well, that’s about it for now.  There was pretty much daily footage of the kitties through April on those vlogs if you care to go take a peek at them, but of course also lots of my human self yammering on and whatnot as well. 😉  Thanks for reading!

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