The ceasefire of 2012


First, Maggie and Deidre were spending more time together.  I’d find them on the bed like this:

Not exactly cuddling, but I'll take it

Or in their new favorite setup, with Maggie on the papasan and Deidre on the papasan’s footstool right next to her.  They’d be inches apart, but on separate pieces of furniture.

Then, the past two nights, Deidre was on the bed with me and Yuan joined us!  Deidre was about where she is in the above photo and Yuan up near where Maggie is.  I have yet to dare to climb down and try and take a picture; it could be that I am acting as the Great Wall of China as I have often done for Deidre and Maggie, and if I move, then suddenly all bets are off.

Just days ago, Yuan was hopping up, almost jumping on the bed, which would send Deidre in a fit of fear/rage that he was invading her safe space, and I’d hear hollering from her galore.  This did not deter Yuan in the slightest, as like any little brother, he seemed quite content to torment his sister.  I’d often have to cart him off, or stand in between and herd him away before poor Deidre’s ears permanently became flattened to her head and she gave herself a sore throat from screaming.

Here we are, the very next evening, me reading a book, and two kitties calmly and contentedly napping next to me.  Will wonders never cease?!

Now my goal is to get all three of them on there with me at the same time.  It could happen.  A girl’s gotta have goals…

In an unrelated note, I give you: stuff on my cat, catception edition:

A cat on my cat = Catception



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