General Kitty-ness and Fluff


Deidre is such a cuddle muffin.  She has been extra-cuddly as of late, and more receptive to receiving reiki.  Who here gives their cats reiki?  Do you find that they like it?

Also the laptop belongs to her; she rubs her cheek on it leaving her mark all the time.

Maggie has been my mellow- but also frisky- brave girl; always coming over to where I am to hang out and say hi; not backing up in the face of her ferret-U-jumping brother; playing with toys like I haven’t seen her do until recently and she’s been with me for three years.

Ferret-U-jumping brother?  Yep.  Yuan sometimes will rush at her, but I really think it’s more playful than intimidating, as he ends with a sideways hop with his back arched – yes, I know the arching in cats is supposed to be making themselves look bigger, and hence being aggressive – but he’s HOPPING.  And she just looks at him now, like, “You’re strange.”  He doesn’t lunge at her or hiss or growl or anything, he just rushes up and hops at her.  I think he is inviting her to play “run around the house like mad”.  Since she has been getting frisky and playing with toys more, I’m hoping one day she’ll join in.  If those two could give each other exercise by running laps around the dividing wall in my apartment, that would be fabulous – but mostly I can’t wait for them to be friends.

Unfortunately, Deidre and Yuan’s relationship doesn’t seem to be improving as of late.  As I was writing that last paragraph, there was just a “GET AWAY FROM ME!!!” scream from Deidre when Yuan approached her where she was eating.  Le sigh.

Yuan has also reclaimed his old favorite hangout spot – the top of the washing machine.  It’s a nice cubby for him now that I have a laundry hamper in the bathroom and the top of the machine is no longer the place where dirty laundry goes.  It’s become routine that when I take a shower, he comes in with me and naps on the washer.

All three kitties are on diets, as all three of them are a little too fluffy – but they are doing great.  They aren’t starving and gobbling down all their food right away, or begging for more.  I feed them twice a day now from a measuring cup, and they seem quite content with it.  Usually the food lasts them all day – some days there is a little left over, some days the bowls are empty when I go to add more.  If I give them canned food, they get less kibble.  I just hope it shows the next time we go to the vet!  Sometimes I look at Maggie (my fluffiest) and think, “You look like you’ve lost a little weight!” and other times I think, “You don’t look like you’ve lost weight at all!”  I’m not going to bus them over to the vet (a trauma, if you ask them) just for a weigh-in so I’ll have to wait for their next check-ups.  One day when the money gods have blessed me maybe I’ll get my own scale for the kitties; I’ve seen them in a catalog for not too much money.

That’s about it for news on the kitty-front!  Purrs and headbonks! >^.^<

2 Responses to “General Kitty-ness and Fluff”

  1. Love and I Do said

    I just recently got two kittens, brother and sister, and cannot imagine my life before them…

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