Dennis Leary Cat


Yuan is officially Dennis Leary Cat.  Why?  He likes coffee and tobacco.

I make homemade “frappuccinos” in my blender in which I use instant coffee.  Every time I make one, he’s on the counter wanting to lick the glass and/or spoon I mixed the coffee with (I take it away from him, because I’m not sure if coffee is safe for kitties!).  Then today while enjoying some balcony time, he became obsessed with a tin can I had left out there for when a friend comes over who smokes and needs an ashtray (he calls it his “vitamin N”) because I don’t actually own an ashtray.  He kept knocking it over and playing with the couple of cigarette butts that were in there, so I took the can and the cigarettes and threw them in the trash.  Then he rolled around in whatever ashes were left outside.

Dennis Leary Cat!


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