Don’t worry, the kittehs have not instigated WWIII


Hello everyone!

I wanted to apologize for not blogging in a while, but don’t worry, the kittehs are fine!  In fact, they have been doing quite well, I think.  Maggie has been super brave, for one – she’s joined me and Deidre on the bed, she goes all over the main part of the apartment instead of limiting her range to just one tiny section, and she doesn’t panic so much when one of her siblings does something intimidating.  In fact, Yuan has taken to doing this cross between an intimidating thing and a playful thing, or I’m not sure which it is because I am a mere human and they are much better at speaking my language than I am at theirs.  Maggie will be on the floor, and he’ll come rushing at her, but in this cute, hopping motion.  It’s a cross between “I’m making myself look big and intimidating” and what I call the “ferret U-jump”.  He’s literally hop-jumping at an angle toward her with his back arched like a ferret.  He never attacks or hisses or growls or pounces or claws or anything though, and her reaction is slowly changing from “AAAAHHH!” to “WTF, dude?”  I am pretty well convinced at this point that if she ever ran back after him when he did it, they could have a play session chasing around the apartment.  I know the back-arch is often a kitty intimidating pose, but every other thing about his hop-skip-jump just seems so playful to me, I think it’s more of a “Let’s play!  I want to wrestle!!” type maneuver.  We shall see as time goes on.

Miss Deidre has been making me proud in that she has become rather accommodating to her siblings having a little cuddle time with me on the bed (the bed is Deidre territory), and also that she is taking less time to adjust to people being over in the apartment (she normally hides when I have company).  Not only did she make special friends with my recent house guest, but she came out to say hi when I had people over just hanging out for the evening after a few hours, instead of staying in her kitty black hole of ninja hiding the whole time like she normally would.  She is sloooooowly re-expanding her territory… at one point she was limiting herself to just the immediate area around the bed, and as of late she’ll have run of the entire living room, and has re-claimed the brown cat tree near the sliding glass doors.  At this point, Maggie has a wider range than Deidre does, though, which is quite the reversal.  I’m hoping that as time goes on, Deidre will feel comfortable in more places too, and is just taking the slow-and-steady route.

Ah, kitteh negotiating timetables.  I can’t wait for the day I catch them giving each other a snuggle or a bath.

Yuan is as ever my playful, headbonking man.  He is the reason I’m making a concerted effort to keep the bathroom door shut because otherwise he tears through the toilet paper.  I also need to buy some baby-safe cabinet latches, because he loves to climb in just about every cupboard he can get to.  That’s his way of telling me that he wants more cubbies.  So I’m going to have to build him more cubbies!

Also, he loves the snow. And balcony time in general.


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