The kittehs have been making so much progress over the past month or so.  Deidre and Maggie can share the bed without growls and hisses, they have been surreptitiously sniffing each other’s tails, Yuan can now be near them (sometimes) without a whole lot of stress and growling, all three of them can share dishes without a fight, there have been no litter box accidents, and, most impressively and within just the past week, Maggie has been going to parts of the apartment she hasn’t been for as long as Yuan has been here.  We’re talking the kitchen and dining area, which have been Yuan Territory (and still are) from day one.  Even Deidre doesn’t hang out in the kitchen/dining area anymore because of Yuan.  Maggie has been!  Proud kitty mama!! 😀

Hm, I’m trying to insert a video I took at the beginning of this month when Deidre and Maggie first started sharing a bed again, and WP doesn’t seem to be letting me insert it.  I guess I will try again later on that one!

Yay!  It worked!


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