When kittehs have company


I had some friends in town that just left in the wee hours of this morning.  When strangers (read: most anyone that isn’t me) are around, the scenario with the kittehs usually pans out something like this:

Deidre embraces her inner ninja and/or Star Trek engineer and disappears into a kitteh vortex of hiding.

Maggie stays in whatever her current comfort zone is and growls/hisses/low fives if they come too close.

Yuan wants to be pet and/or to play and goes up to them and says hi.

Well, one of the friends was sleeping at my place, so I was hoping that as she was here longer, the two shy ones would come around.  As expected, Deidre did – she just takes time.  Even the other three friends that weren’t sleeping at my place got to pet her after a few days of being at my place with some frequency without her turning ninja on them, and she quite enjoyed the loves.  Maggie got a little less stressed by their presences, but still didn’t want to be pet by her admirers from afar (we tried and she made Not Happy Maggie Sounds and gave lots of low fives).  She did come to accept the patient friend just sitting next to her though, as long as said patient friend didn’t stare at her too much or try to pet her.  I knew that was the way… just let her get used to you being around without pushing yourself on her, and she’ll sloooooowly accept you.  We both agreed with a little more time she would have likely accepted M-chan (the patient friend) petting her as she had a couple years back when she was the one sleeping at my apartment (this year it was J-chan sleeping here).  She did start to get closer to J-chan without turning into the growl monster but hadn’t migrated close enough to actually snuggle with her before my friends left town.  Small steps.

Yuan, however, completely embraced J-chan as a new member of his tribe and LOVED her.  He snuggled with her in bed, nomed her with love (he gives love nips – especially on hair, and most painfully on the tip of your nose (sometimes his teeth go INSIDE your nostril!) – when he’s being super affectionate), and otherwise marked her as family.  I think J-chan is going to miss him the most out of all her friends in Colorado!  Within the hour of her leaving, he was lying on the air mattress, wondering where his snuggle buddy was, looking so sad.  Since Maggie and Deidre were on my bed and as of yet the girls will sleep together tolerably well but they won’t share my bed with their brother longer than a few moments, I curled up with Yuan on the air mattress for the night day (my friends left at about 3:45 AM and so I went to bed after four).  This morning afternoon when I woke up, Yuan followed me around even closer than normal and just didn’t want to be left alone.  Awwww!

J-chan, where art thou?

J-chan, you just have to move here. Yuan says so.


One Response to “When kittehs have company”

  1. “Friendship is Love without his wings!” ~ Lord Byron

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