Get to know your resident kittehs, part trois


Kitteh thermometer reading: hot

Hi!  Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this posted… yeah okay it was Mom’s fault but she HAS been busy, so I’ll give her a break. 🙂

You’ve waited long enough, so here’s my turn at the getting to know you game!

My name: Yuan (pronounced You-On.  Not “Juan”.  Silly humans!)

Nicknames? Yoo-hoo, Yui, Yuan Trouble P (trouble is my middle name, hee hee), Gaston Kitteh, Mr. Man, King Yuan, Psycho kitty part deux, Purveyor of Sweet Headbonks, Reiki Cat

Do I Like To Talk A Lot? Yessir!  I definitely say what’s on my mind.  I often have this cute scratchy meow – unless I’m bored, in which case I make SURE Mom knows it.  It goes something like this: “MOOOOOOOM!  I’M BOOOOOORED!  MOOOOOOOOOM!  PLAY WITH MEEEEEEE!” 😉

What breed am I? A gray and white tabby.

Favorite toy(s): Mice.  Mice mice mice mice.  Fake ones, of course.  I like to change things up and play with all sorts of different toy mice.  I also like our Mysti toys, jingle balls, and the laser pointer… but Mom is starting to figure out that I have figured out where the laser comes from.  I KNOW WHERE IT LIVES.

My favorite noms: Temptations and Greenies.  They’re pretty much unanimously the treats we all like.

Are you fluffy?  I wasn’t… but then Mom had to let out my harness just a little… so… we’ve all been put on a diet.  Mom says it wasn’t “just a little” but don’t believe her!!

Do you like baths (as in, with water and soap)?  No, though I am more tolerant than my sisters.  When I was sick, Mom had to wash my butt every day because I kept reinfecting myself by cleaning it.  I don’t know why her cleaning it was any better than me doing it, but do you know how weird it is to have a wet butt and not the rest of you??  It drove me nuts!

Are you a cuddle bug? I sooooo love to cuddle.  Mom thinks I’m like Joey from friends.  I can go up to any girl (well… except my sisters) and say “how YOU doin’?” and just start snuggling, and they melt.  I am the Purveyor of Sweet Headbonks for a reason.

Are you frisky?  Hell.  Yes.  I’m three years old!  I’m still kittenish!  Trouble is my middle name!  Mom doesn’t know how I gained weight with all the running around I do.  In fact, our new game is “half fetch”.  Mom throws a toy across the apartment and I go running pell-mell after it.  But I don’t bring it back.  So she follows me, and throws again, until one or both of us starts to get tired.

How old are you? I’m three years old!  Three is the magick number, and Mom says I’m her reiki cat, so I must be pretty magickal right now, huh?

Well that’s it for now.  See you later!


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