Get to Know Your Resident Kittehs part Deux


Hi everyone!

I wake from my nap to bestow my queenly presence upon you

Deidre here, and it’s my turn to tell you a little about myself.

My name: Deidre

Nicknames? Deedle Bean, Deeds, Deedles, Deidre Love, Queen Bee, Deedle Bear, Deeds Deeds Are Good For Your Heart (yes, Mom really will snuggle me and call me that), Psycho Kitty (ah, youth), Thunder Cat (that’s what Mom calls me when I get the midnight crazies), Vampy Kitty (that has to do with how I got my name, which is another story!), Cuddle Muffin

Do I Like To Talk A Lot? Yup!  I’m the Queen.  I have a lot to say.

What breed am I? A Brown Mackerel Tabby.

Favorite toy(s): Tribbles (little balls of fur – if you’re a Star Trek fan, you know what I’m talking about), the laser pointer, and the special catnip toys from Mysti.  Mom discovered I liked Tribbles when I literally made off with Auntie Kisha’s noise-making, official Star Trek tribble doll.  So when pet shops started selling non-noise-making tribbles, she made sure to buy me some!  I’ve been known to rend a Tribble into bits in just a few hours when I’m in the mood.  Maybe I’m part Klingon.


My favorite noms: Temptations, Greenies, and dried Liver Snax treats.  NOM.

Are you fluffy?  Not as fluffy as my sister (again, in the Gabriel Iglesias sense), but the vet keeps mentioning this “diet” thing…

Do you like baths (as in, with water and soap)?  No.  I endured one once, and resolved to be the cleanest kitteh ever after that so I would never have to endure one again.  Mom is astounded how well groomed I am, so I share my skills and give her baths, too.  I do tend to fixate on one spot, though.  Once I started cleaning her nose while she was lying down watching a movie, and she was comfy and focused on the movie so she didn’t move.  When the movie was over, she went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and discovered her nose was bleeding a little because I had licked the same spot over and over and over.  Oops.  Now she moves her head around so I can get everywhere. 😉

Are you a cuddle bug? Yes!  I love me some snuggles.  I especially love burying my head in Mom’s armpit.  She thinks it’s stinky there, but it’s just Mom Smell to me.  It makes me feel safe. 🙂

Are you frisky? I have my moments, but not as much as I used to be.  Nowadays I’m pretty relaxed.  I have taken to exploring the Cardboard House of Awesome and peeking out the windows as of late.  That’s kinda my new thing.

How old are you? I’m twelve!  I just turned twelve July 15th.  Ten days ago!  I look pretty good, don’t you think?


Well that’s my turn for now!  Please tell us about yourselves as well!



Deidre >^.^<



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