Get To Know Your Resident Kittehs


Since we’re the stars of this show, Mom says we should tell people more about us.  So, each of us is going to take turns answering a few questions about ourselves.  If your kittehs blog (or help their humans blog) too, please answer these questions, and let us know where you did, so we can sees it!

I will start, because sometimes the middle child has to assert her authoritah and go first!


I'm cute, non?

My name: Maggie Magnificat

Nicknames? MaggieMoo, Maggie Bean, Maggierific, MagLite, Mags, Maggers, Magpie, Princess Maggie

Do I Like To Talk A Lot? Yes!  I love to tell Mom my stories.

What breed am I?  I’m a Tortie, of course!

My favorite toy(s): The laser pointer and these awesome catnip toys Mom’s furriend Mysti made for us.  I like to roll on them and lick them.  One day I will lick through the fabric.  One day…

My favorite noms: Pretty much any wet food, and Temptations and Greenies treats.  Om nom nom nom  nom.

Are you fluffy? In the Gabriel Iglesias sense, yes.

Do you like baths? HA ha ha ha ha ha… don’t even think about it.

Are you a cuddle bug? YES!  I love to sit on Mom’s lap (or anywhere, really, half on her, half off) and purr and snuggle and get pets.

Are you frisky? No, I’m a pretty mellow cat.  On the rare occassions I go bonkers for something, Mom does this weird giggle squeaky thing that I think means she’s happy.  It’s hard to tell sometimes!

How old are you?  I’m seven.  I’ll be eight in December!


That’s it for my turn.  Tell us about yourselves!  *purr*



Maggie >^.^<



2 Responses to “Get To Know Your Resident Kittehs”

  1. My name: Ilsa Manuel

    Nicknames? Ills, Goofball, Pretty Girl, Snuggle Butt- Thank you, Mommy! (Downs Syndrome Kitty, Vacant Kitty, Weeetard- Thanks… GRANDPA!)

    Do I Like To Talk A Lot? Yes! When I want lovin’s I GET my Lovin’s! Mainly from Mom and Grandma. 🙂

    What breed am I? I’m a grey and white Tabby.

    My favorite toy(s): The laser pointer and this new birdie toy that Mom got me. It Chirps! 😀

    My favorite noms: Grandma’s wet Meow Mix, I’ve been added to my aunts and uncle’s dinner routine!

    Are you fluffy? My Uncle Go-Go is UBER Fluffy fur-wise, I’m just cuddly short furried.

    Do you like baths? Mom’s too scared to try. heh heh heh >:D

    Are you a cuddle bug? Lovin’s? Where?! Where are more lovin’s!!!

    Are you frisky? I drive Uncle Go-Go CRAZY but he plays with me and pounces right back! Scary sometimes, he’s 4 times my size!

    How old are you? I’m two as of May 15th. 🙂

    My Sister Cleo will probably post tomorrow! 🙂

    Lovin’s to all!
    I Miss You, Human Wren!
    Ilsa- Krystal’s Baby Girl 🙂

  2. AWWWW does Ilsa get picked on by her grandpa?! And Yuan has a chirping bird toy! It’s in one of his cardboard boxes, and every time he knocks it over or jumps on top of it, it goes off, and he’s like “WHERE IS IT??!” 😀

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