Things That Have Helped With The Peace Process


So, I thought I would start writing here and there about things I have found that have helped with the whole Kitteh War situation.  Since I’ve tried so many, I figure maybe those experiences might help someone else (and no, I’m not getting paid to recommend anything)!

Of course, what works for one cat might not work for another, so keep in mind that every kitteh is different!

Today I will start off with a book recommendation: Cat Wrangling Made Easy: Maintaining Peace and Sanity In Your Multicat Home by Dusty Rainbolt.

Cat Wrangling Made Easy @ Amazon

This book has helped me quite a bit understanding what the kids were going through and coming up with ideas of what might help alleviate the tension.  It was from this book that I learned that for cats, vertical territory is more important than horizontal territory (there’s hope for my small apartment yet!), which is why I am now the proud owner of three cat trees, a multilevel cat house, and have built shelves going up my living room wall.

It is also the book that recommended Cat Attract brand litter, which has saved my carpet from a LOT of attention in the form of pee.  Maggie used to regularly go outside the box, and now she’s really good about it (I will admit there has been a high-stress occassion or two that prompted a relapse, but not NEARLY the frequency it used to happen with).

The writer of this book lives with something like 20 cats, so he knows what he’s talking about.

Me and the kittehs give this book two paws up.  Check it out!


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