Cat Gym


Don't forget to breathe!


Worried that your kittehs are a little too “fluffy” in the Gabriel Iglesias sense?

Fear not, mere human!

Just bring your kittehs to their nearest feline-friendly Cat Gym!

They’re open 24 hours and have all the best classes and equipment!!


Here you see our model kitteh Maggie on the StairStepper.  She knows cardio is very important to maintain her girlish figure!





Kittehs have been planking for years

Next model kitteh Deidre demonstrates the worldwide phenomenon of planking!  It’s great for your core!



Here we have a video of model kitteh Yuan demonstrating the importance of daily walks in our beautiful courtyard.  10,000 steps a day is a must for the svelte kitteh!



She's really working those abs here


Every day, we offer a variety of classes, including our popular Pilates class.  Here you see Deidre doing some advanced Pilates:





And kickboxing:


Punch it out!

Finally, we are always concerned about safety.  It is our goal to have an accident-free gym.  But in case something should happen, we keep paramedics on staff at all times if someone should try an advanced “shelf jump” and wipe out.  You can’t be too careful!

Are you okay, new kid?

Call 1-800-CAT-GYM today!!



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