Maggie the Brave


I has a brave!


So the new vibe seems to definitely be shaking things up.  Deidre has taken to scooting into the Maggie fort whenever I open that door and Maggie doesn’t seem to be all that worried about it.  In fact, on day two, she up and **chased Deidre out**.  You have to understand… Maggie: the timid, declawed, shy one, chased Deidre: the alpha, clawed, Queen Bee.  Deidre ran out, and Maggie chased her all the way to the door!  I was worried about Deidre, but also proud of Maggie!  She has never asserted herself like that before!


Since then, Deidre has been in there even more (and Maggie hasn’t chased her out).  I wonder if that chase was to say: “this is MY fort and I’M letting you in it” on Maggie’s part.  Deidre at first went in there to use the litter (apparently it was the least scary option… I haven’t seen her use the one she was sharing with Yuan in days, nor has she gone on the floor.  So apparently she would rather share with her sister than her brother).  Then she started hanging out in the cardboard house.



The Cardboard House of Awesome

And now she’s been in there for a solid day and a half (the room, not the cardboard house) and I haven’t shut the door at all.  Last night was the first night she hasn’t slept with me in my bed in… well, years.  YEARS.  Yuan was out with me and kept coming in and out of the bed, like he was confused.  “Isn’t Deidre normally up here?  I can come up here now?  Wait, is she going to come and chase me out?  Maybe I better go.  Is she still not up there?  Can I come up?”

So now I’ve been worried about Deidre.  I think Yuan has established his kingdom, and she is not taking being dethroned well as the Alpha Cat of the House.

The only time since yesterday that she came out of the bedroom was when I went to the bathroom, and Yuan came with me.  I heard this yowl on the other side of the door, and when I came out, Maggie is by the front door (the first time she’s scooted out of the bedroom in a while, too), and Deidre is chillin’ in the doorway.

Oh, and there was poo by the front door.  I can only presume Maggie (?), especially since she used to mark there many months ago.


So now I’ve got Yuan claiming the entire apartment but the bedroom.  Maggie tolerating her sister with a surprising amount of bravery and patience.  And Deidre having an existential crisis.

And somebody still pooed on the floor.

I’m thinking I need to put the bed back in the bedroom so the girls don’t feel ignored.  But also, I feel bad that both girls are being limited to one tiny room while Mr. Man roams everywhere else.  I’ve tried plopping Maggie on the bed in the living room and she ran back to the bedroom.  I dare not plop Yuan in the bedroom as he’s already staked his claim everywhere else.  Maybe I need to train him not to go in other places as I trained him to not go in the bedroom, so the girls will maybe feel safe enough to come out to those other designated Yuan-free places.  That’s a little harder to do without a door to bar him with when I’m not looking though.  Perhaps I should start with the bathroom… but on the other hand, being able to shut him in there has proven to give the girls confidence enough to come OUT of the bedroom.

I need a bigger place!


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