And now I have to redo all the clean laundry I had dumped on the bed and the sheets and blankets because… (drum roll please)

…Deidre was too intimidated by her brother to make it to the litter box and pooped on the bed.  And the laundry.

Really kids, if I could give you a bigger house, I would, but I’m not a wealthy woman!!


Time to rearrange furniture, I guess.  See if I can squeeze in another litter box.  This really sucks when you’re already crowded! :/

Oh yeah, and did I mention that last night as I was petting Deidre, it felt like she had something in her fur, and I was wondering what she had gotten into.  Was it a knot?  Paint?  What?

Nope, it was a claw.

On her back, matted in her fur that I had to wrestle out.

That could not have been her claw, at that angle.

No wonder she had been holding it.


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