When kittehs mess with your head


I awoke after less than four hours of sleep this morning to a loud “wham!” somewhere in the dining room area, and shortly after Yuan and Deidre growling at each other disturbingly close to my sleep-fogged face.  Mumbling a half-conscious “Hey!” (grumpy momma voice usually gets them to stop), I reached over to where I remembered setting my phone and glasses while half asleep, only to find there were no phone and glasses.  Figuring Yuan had knocked them off the shelf in the night, I rolled over to inspect the floor and… no phone or glasses.

Now picturing him dragging them around like he does the feather wand once he’s captured it, or in the below video, the Thing-ama-string, I searched under the pilates chair, behind the bed, under the bed… still no phone or glasses.

I got up, went in the room with Maggie, gave her some loves, and retrieved the cordless phone and called my cell.  I heard a muffled ring that sounded like it was coming from under the endtable – no, under the bed, no, in the laundry… and I start tearing apart anything in, under, and around my bed.  Finally on the fifth call to my own phone, I notice a light… inside the drawer of my endtable.

I had apparently moved the phone and glasses into the drawer sometime while mostly still asleep for the same reason my first instinct was to check the floor: I must have thought they were in danger of being swatted around by kittehs.

Ah, the joys of doing things in your sleep you don’t remember.  The kittehs probably thought I was very funny, crawling around down there…

It's exhausting messing with Mom while she's asleep


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