Maxfund’s Lucky Mutt Strut


Hi everyone:

In less than two weeks, I will be participating in Maxfund’s Lucky Mutt Strut to raise money for our local no-kill shelter (this is the shelter that Maggie came from).  If anyone would like to help out the dogs and cats at Maxfund, please check out my donation page!  Thank you!!

Thanks for helping out everybody at Maxfund!

Kitteh update for the day: there was a thunderstorm, so Maggie was in her favorite hiding spot under the papasan in her room.  Yuan watched from the open window.  Deidre stayed where she was on the bed.  The kids got canned noms today, and Yuan is turning out to be pretty finicky for a guy that is the one that goes into the kitchen, stretches up nearly the full height of the counter, and meows for them.   Deidre ate her usual small amount, and Maggie as usual licked her plate clean.  Yes, she’s fluffy… but she’s cuuuuute!  Yuan then went to check out what Deidre got, despite seeing me dish them all out from the same can together.  I’m not sure if he honestly thought there might be something more to his liking on her plate, or if he was just trying to antagonize her.  But by the time he got in her way, she was done.  So she didn’t seem to mind (I heard no growls, anyway).  When I fished her plate away and put it next to her on the bed to make sure she didn’t want any more, she ignored it.

Yuan has been all over the apartment today while Deidre has hardly moved from the bed, which is what Maggie used to do before WWIII broke out and she started hiding in the box spring all day, leading to me giving her the bedroom.  Perhaps I should give Deidre and Maggie the living room, and Yuan the bedroom… but that boy child is so hyper, he’d be climbing the ceiling and playing escape artist every time I opened the door.  Not to mention meowing nonstop for being on the other side of the door.

“Hey.  Hey.  Hey.  I’m in here.  Let me out.  The door is shut.  Hey.  Mom.  Mom.  Mom.  Mom.  Mommy.  MOOOOOOM!  Hey!  Mom!  Open the door!”

Yeah, you can picture it.

Maggie takes it pretty well even when I’m on the other side of the door; I think she’s just grateful to know she’s safely on the other side of the door from her brother and sister.  Sometimes I wake up in the morning to her meowing as if to say, “OK, I’ve been in here all night, you have to give me attention now!” but that’s about it. 😉

I wish I could divvy up the apartment more evenly, like the old sitcoms where someone inevitably divides a room with tape.  “OK, the dining room/hallway/kitchen area belongs to Yuan, the living room to Deidre, and the bedroom and bathroom to Maggie.  Any questions?”  But alas.

Oh, and yes… the bathroom.  All three cats have a penchant for following me in there.  Yuan is the only one that wants to stay even when it’s shower time, though.  Lately he’s crowded out his sisters (even before Maggie had the Maggie fort).  What’s a mom to do?


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